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The Ones We Get Asked the Most:

What Is a Massage Gun?

A Massage Gun uses percussive therapy to offer the benefits of a massage without the expense or hassle of multiple trips per year. It is a handheld device and works via a battery, charged via a cable which comes with the product. Designed to be used by anyone, the RE.SET massage gun penetrates up to 16mm into muscles to massage and relieve tension. Among other benefits they work to increase circulation and decrease inflammation. Studies have shown that percussive therapy is as effective as massage in preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

How Do You Use It?

Each Massage Gun comes with a handy instruction manual. RE.SET is super easy to use, and the LED screen guides your massage. Switch on the device at the bottom of the shaft, and then press the red power button. The + and – buttons allow you to control the speed of the gun, easily gliding through the sensation which feels right for you, without getting in the way and being pressed mid-massage accidentally. When you’re done, press the power button, then turn off at the switch. And ta-dah, it will be good to go for up to 7 hours.

What Do I Use the Different Speeds for:

Our Massage Gun is at the top of the market when it comes to speed. The 30 different levels mean you can tailor your session to work at the rate you need. Start low to feel your way into your massage (1 – 6), then gradually increase into the mid-range 7 – 20 to really awaken the muscles. This is a good place to start if you are warming up or using during a workout. To get deeper into the fascia between the muscles, increase the speed upwards of 20. For a professional level hard massage, sky rocket your way up into the late 20s and beyond…!

The RE.SET massage gun performs at 1200 – 3200 strokes per minute. That means at max speed it will be penetrating your sore muscles up to 53 times a second!

Can I Use it on my Own?

Absolutely! We recommend it to be used this way, since you can feel both the pressure and pain points and can ensure the correct emphasis on the muscles. You can also use your RE.SET Massage Gun as a pair. Both are effective, both give you results. Just be sure to be vocal about how you want the pressure when another person is helping you out. 

Where Should I Use the Massage Gun?

Please only use on muscles, rather than bones, joints, or tendons. While it may seem obvious, we advise avoiding wounds or recent fractures too.

What are the Benefits of Using It?

The list below is a highlights reel of amazing benefits. Top of our focus, though are:

1. Increased performance (whether this is in elite sport, or in day-to-day movement and flexibility)

2. Reduced risk of injury

Our massage gun can offer the same results as a deep tissue massage. Which is why we believe in them so much – imagine being able to pay for a massage every day, well, this is it and it's a one-time-only-cost!

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Relief of muscular stress and tension
  • Increased supply of nutrients and oxygen to muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved lymphatic flow
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved range of motion
  • Pain relief
  • Relief of muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Release lactic acid
  • Activates the nervous system – and therefore stimulates muscles
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Wellness benefits such as increased mobility, improved sleep and immunity, digestion

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How Can I Contact RE.SET?

You can get in touch by emailing re.set.recoveryco@gmail.com.  

Other Enquiries – Business, Wholesale, Partnerships, ETC.

We welcome all enquiries from businesses, big and small, looking to form a relationship. (( Perhaps you are a gym looking to stock massage guns for your clients, or a business looking to take care of your employees working from home ? ))

We also offer event presence with experts in the recovery and wellness industry to come and talk at your event. We want to spread the RE.SET message and put recovery back in more hands. 

Please get in touch at re.set.recoveryco@gmail.com and let’s talk business!