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    6+ Hour Battery Life

    30 Adjustable Speeds

    3200 Pulses Per Minute

    Anti-Slip Handle Design

    6 Massage Heads Included

Your New Therapist

With 6 'specialists' (heads) and 6 hours worth of battery life, this is the cheapest therapy you'll ever receive! What starts as curiosity will grow into a habit, and with less than 10 minutes use a day you'll be wondering why you didn't 'RE.SET' sooner.

Feel the Difference After Just One Day

Rather than waiting for the niggles to build up, use your RE.SET massage gun every day for 5-10 minutes and feel the difference after just one session! Our customers speak so positively about niggles they had that now don't bother them, and we can't wait for you to see the results for yourself.

Massage on the Go

With our premium carry case you can take your new massage gun with you. No need to worry about baggage weight either, since it will only add a cute 1.2kg.


    Roger specialises in larger muscle groups like the hamstrings, glutes, shoulders and quads. He knows how to glide smoothly, and is the ideal guide to start with if you're new!

  • BOB

    Now, Bob is a tough cookie to crack. If you mean business, he is the one to strap on and have a good time with. Knots, trigger points, you name it- Bob the Bullet focuses fully on that particular spot and won't rest until he's helped it.


    Frederika has a double head and boy does she know how to use it. The spine, the achilles and lower back pain are all big fans, as well as that tension you've been feeling along the base of your neck.


    We don't call her Verity the Versatile for nothing! A great multi-purpose massage, use it from the pecs to the glutes to the legs. The flat head provides a more dense massage than the large ball.


    Thumbalina is the fairy head used for soft tissue massage. The ultimate relaxer, she'll go gently and work around the pain with you until you're ready for something more. Great on feet too!


    Stella is designed to roll out all over the body to get deep within the muscle for maximum relaxation on larger areas like your ITB. She got her name when we found ultimate satisfaction in her work and someone exclaimed she did a 'Stella job'!