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Massage Gun Reviews - Is a Massage Gun Worth It?

Massage Gun Reviews - Is a Massage Gun Worth It?

Changing a massage gun attachment

Once you start down the ‘best massage gun’ / ‘is a massage gun worth it’ / ‘massage gun sale’ journey on the internet, chances are you’re going to find yourself in a pretty deep hole of repeated and contradictory advice; varying from brands to helpful fellow consumers to sports stars endorsing their well-paid gift. 

Don’t get us wrong, they all mean well. We understand that Theragun looks super sexy because they charge an arm and a leg ($649 to be precise) so naturally we assume that the Theragun is the one we really should buy, if we have a small mortgage to spend on a percussive therapy device. But, there’s more to life than massage guns (yep, we said it). We also understand that the really cheap ones are indeed going to stop working a few months in, so you’ll end up wishing you’d spent a teeny bit more. 

Chances are, you’re not an elite athlete who is being paid to buy the ‘best’ on the market. So, like us, you’re here looking for a massage gun that is well priced, has a good reputation, has excellent power and isn’t going to wake the house up when you turn it on to warm up at 5:45am. You don’t ask for much do you? ;) 

We’ve got the answer - the RE.SET Massage Gun. But, rather than just take our word for it, we’ve compared it to Hydragun and Theragun products below. We rank based on the very topics that come up in reviews and forums the most, essentially doing the research for you so you don’t have to scroll through the 000s of comments on forums. 

The simple answer to the question ‘Is a Massage Gun Worth It’ is ‘Yes’. However, the ways in which a massage gun can benefit you will vary according to your needs, age and performance goals. 

A massage gun works by pulsing into the muscles at speed, and in doing so can implement the following benefits: 

  • Increase mobility  
  • Improve blood flow and lymphatic flow
  • Accelerate muscle repair and recovery
  • Reduce DOMs
  • Help injury rehabilitation
  • Release knots and tension (click here to see how we release knots with RE.SET
  • Release myofascia 
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Diffuse lactic acid build up
  • Enhance range of motion

For individuals reading this, different benefits will stand out - hence why different people will choose certain massage guns. A fitness enthusiast or sports person may tend to get sore, frequently, and want more power to help speed up recovery or reduce DOMs. Whereas a less active person, in an older age group, may not need power at all and would like the massage gun to assist in blood flow and mobility.

Just because the price is higher does not mean that it is better for you. And likewise, just because it is cheap does not mean you will get as good quality as if you do the research to find the good $ sweet spot.

Massage Gun Review of RE.SET Recovery, Hydragun and Theragun rating RE.SET highest


We have compared key factors to demonstrate why you can justify spending $149 instead of $300+. Our goal is to educate and inform, based on facts, not sponsored reviews. Let us know what you think of the key factors below, and make sure you check them out for yourself here. 


With 30 speeds (up to 3200 pulses per minute) available via the LED screen, RE.SET is 5 x more versatile than speeds offered on Theragun Elite and Hydragun.

RE.SET               30 speeds
THERAGUN        5 speeds 
HYDRAGUN       6 speeds 

Start off on a lower speed and work into the higher numbers, to help your sore muscles go from flinching at speed 3 to being able to relax on speed 10+! It really makes a difference, being able to treat different muscles with the exact care they need on a day-to-day basis.


The RE.SET massage gun is calibrated to reach 16mm deep into muscle (and up to 53 times a second) vs Hydragun's 12mm. That's 60% deeper than other massagers too, for greater therapeutic benefits for your body. 

RE.SET              16mm 
THERAGUN       16mm 
HYDRAGUN       12mm

The depth matters, because this helps to increase the force it pulses into the muscle, without you having to apply lots of extra pressure. 


With up to 6 hours battery life, RE.SET lasts longer than the comparative 120 minutes of Theragun and 5 hours of Hydragun.

RE.SET               6 hours  
THERAGUN       120 minutes
HYDRAGUN        5 hours

We tend to pick up the massage gun for 10 minutes every day, so realistically these battery numbers don’t mean much, when you actually think about how you will use them. But hey-ho! A good stat is a good stat! It’s super easy to charge too, simply plug in the to the bottom of the massage gun and straight into the wall - treat it like your phone and just pop it in overnight, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


Why pay $500 more for a heavier, less versatile massage gun? RE.SET delivers quality, without the designer price tag. At the end of the day, you don't need a bluetooth control to have happy, recovering muscles. Simple + effective = happy recovery. 

RE.SET                      $149 
HYDRAGUN              $399

In summary, RE.SET does what it says it will do  – relieves everyday aches and pains, and loosens tight muscles after a workout. It is well reviewed, and it doesn’t overcharge based on false statements (or from a need to cover costs to pay for athletes’ partnership deals! ;)).  

Training for all aspects of life. From me, to you and to Grandma down in Victoria- it’s the perfect price to flaunt a nicer Christmas or Birthday gift, without feeling too frugal by not spending much or feeling guilty about having to fork out Afterpay!


"Easy ordering - great price - packaged to perfection - product is awesome with affordable price point - this will be used by all the family." 

* * * * * 

Check out the RE.SET Massage Gun here - now on sale. 


* Comparisons based on prices October 2022. Compared to Theragun Elite and Hydragun.